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Baltistan is a dreamland and terrestrial heaven for people of all ages. This tour will take you to the ferry land valleys, meadows, and lakes.

The land is so fascinated to Dervla Murphy, a lady who traversed with her 6 years old daughter in severe winter and accomplished her accounts captioned “Where the Indus is young.”  Ethnically the people of Baltistan trace back their origin in Tibet and Caucasus and speak an archaic Tibetan dialect. In the ancient chronicles Baltistan was known as the Great Bolor, which was a domain of Tibet by the 8th century, later it became famous as "Tibet-ai-Kurd" which means The Little Tibet. Baltistan region is the home of worlds greatest mountain and  glaciers. From remote antiquely the hospitable people of Baltistan are traditionally the custodians of the 2nd highest mountain on earth, the K-2. The land is exuberant in orchards of apricots with over 150 species, apples vineyards, walnuts, pears, peaches, almonds and mulberry. Cultivated land of terraced fields are irrigated by water channels. Baltistan situated at the heart of the Karakorum mountain range. It is a high altitude desert with a salubrious climate and offers a diverse multitude of mountain and landscape scenery, unlike any other area with enchanting vales and vistas, meadows, plateaus, desert and glaciers, towering peaks. Winter is especially hard for the natives where the temperatures could go 35 degree below freezing. This time of the year offers a rare opportunity to study how the people defy the severe weather conditions. The Indus turns into a tranquil water stream with sporadic patches of ice. A visit to interior of a local home will reveal an insight to traditional life patterns. A ferry on a Zakh, local raft made of inflated cow skins can arrange during this trip.


Day 01 Islamabad - Chilas
Drive to Chilas

Day 02 Chilas-Skardu

Day 03 Skardu
After breakfast  sightseeing of Skardu town. Visit to Kachura lake and shangrilla resort, Kharpocho fort, Buddhist rock carvings near Satpara Lake. Drive back to Skardu and transfer to your hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 04  Skardu-Shiger-Skardu  
After breakfast drive to Shiger valley, abound in fruit orchards of apples and apricots. This is the gateway to K-2 and the central Karakoram mountains. Visit to Arandu valley and en route stop at hot springs. Locals believe a bath is efficacious for the issue-less women. However medically it is also recommended for gout and rheumatism. Lunch in a local house. Drive back to Skardu for Overnight at hotel.

Day 05   Skardu-Khaplu
Drive to Khaplu on the typical jeep trail through the rugged mountain grandeur with views of side valleys and vistas, en route witness the junction of Indus and Shyok rivers. Overnight at hotel.

Day 06  Khaplu-Skardu
Morning visit the Royal Residence of former Raja of Khaplu. The Grand Mosque exquisitely adorned with floral wood carvings and reflects unique ancient architecture with entablature supporting the minaret like structure known as the chorten. Drive to Hushe (subject to road condition) through the enchanting valley at Hushe we will have spectacular views of Masherbrum Peak dominating the entire valley. Return to Khaplu for Overnight at hotel. 
Depart back to Skardu though the same route but often we have views of diverse mountain escape. On arrival at Skardu transfer to hotel for overnight.

Day 07 Skardu-Deosai-Skardu
Day excursion for Sadpara Lake and Deosai Plane.

Day 08 Skardu-Chilas

Day 09 Chilas - Islamabad

Drive to Islamabad. Lunch at Besham.

End 0f our services

Flight option
Transfer to Islamabad Airport to embark your flight to Skardu, one of the most spectacular air routes in the world offering awe-inspiring views of unique mountain terrains with perennial glaciers and ice-fields. On arrival at Skardu transfer to hotel.Overnight at hotel. If flight is canceled, drive to Chilas and transfer to hotel for overnight.