Chitral and Kalash


This trip blends unique cultures of Kalash with full display of Chitral’s natural beauty. Chitral is maintaining the past glory of ancient way of life in the shape of Kalash, where the dweller has preserved age-old traditions. It is well known for its calm and peaceful environment. These enchanting valleys coupled with the most hospitable people seem to be a perfect setting to lure a tourist.

Embrace the ancient traditions of Kalash Valley Chitral, sparks uniquely on the pages of human civilization. According to a Legend the Kalashas are the descendants of the Greeks who invaded Hindukush Mountains in 326 BC where some solders got ill and after recovering settled in Chitral. The Kalash are animist and fire worshipers and still retain their culture. This tour will take you to the three valleys of Bomburet, Birir, and Rambur. The traditions attract the historians, archeologists, and tourists all around the globe. Chitral dominating by Trichmir (7999m), the highest peak of Hindu Kush Rang enshrined with brooks, fruit bearing orchards, cool and hot springs.  

To explore the paramount beauty and culture of the valley, we have designed a special programme for you. This tour will satiate your thrust for peeping into the ancient way as well as the scenic beauty of the North. For a more romantic spirit it would have been a stirring moment for you. Your vacation will not only be relaxing, it will also be an extremely enriching experience.


Day 01 Islamabad

Upon arrival at Islamabad Airport meet your guide and transfer to your hotel. Afternoon sight-seeing of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We drive on the Mall by an ancient basilica in gothic architecture and other buildings. Visit Raja Bazar the ancient city centre in the old Rawalpindi city. Raja Bazar retains the hoary fervor with its lively oriental markets in bright tinge simmering with folks from different walks of life. Amidst the market festooned with garland shops, and stalls of fortune tellers, chewing tobacco and snuff sellers, money changers, we might come across the astonishing sight of a snake charmer with his cobras (a gypsy people of Dravadian ethnic origin). Proceed to Islamabad the modern capital of Pakistan, drive past by Government buildings, the Presidency planned an American architect Eward Durrel Stone,Ministry of Foreign Affairs and secretariat blocks planned by a group Italian architects Fernorolli,Rosili and Geo point. We arrive at Shah Faisal Mosque the largest in the world. Proceed to Damin-a-Koh an elevated photogenic point for a panoramic view of entire Islamabad. Islamabad has developed as a rendezvous of various cultures and ultimately a cosmopolitan metropolis. We drive back to the hotel.Overnight at hotel.

Day 02  Islamabad-Saidu Sharif

Depart for Saidu Shariff (Swat) via Taxila, visit Taxila museum, archaeological sites of the Buddhist university monastery of Julian and the cradle of Greco-Buddhist school of Gandhara Art, later visit Mohra Moradu and Sirkap sites. Proceed to Saidu Shariff, en route visit Takht-a-bahi Monastery of 45 AD, visit Shangerdara Stupa and Churchill picket. Upon arrival at Saidu Shariff transfer to hotel.Overnight at hotel.

Day 03   Saidu Shariff - Chitral

Early morning depart for Chitral via Dir and Lowari Pass offering picturesque views of thickly wooded green slopes with cedar trees. On arrival at Chitral transfer to hotel.Overnight at hotel.

Day 04   Chitral-Bomburbt

Depart for Bomburet valley of Kalash, on arrival camp at Bomburet, visit the Kalash village and meet the people. Overnight in tents.

Day 05 Bomburt-Birir-Rampur-Chitral

Depart for Birir and Rambur the other two valleys of Kalash for brief sojourns and study, proceed to Chitral, on arrival transfer to hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 06  Chirtal-Dir

Drive back to Dir and transfer to Saidu Shariff for overnight at hotel.

Day 07 Dir-Islamabad

Depart for Islamabad, on arrival transfer to your hotel. Transfer to airport in transit for your onward destination.Assistance at the airp

                             End of our services


Short Itinerary

Day 01     Islamabad

Day 02     Islamabad - Saidu Shariff

Day 03     Saidu Shariff - Chitral

Day 04     Chitral - Bomburbt

Day 05     Bomburet-Birir-Rambur-Chitral

Day 06     Chitral-Dir

Day 07     Dir-Islamabad