Ganga Choti Bagh Kashmir

Panjal Mastan

The 4,060 metres high Ganga Choti is in the Bagh district of Kashmir, is best place for hiking and non-technical alpine style climbing. This hiking is one of the most famous tourist attractions in AJK. From Sudhan Gali to the base camp of Ganga Choti peak takes about 4 hours. Having this trek one can explore the fascinating beauty overlooking the valleys of both parts of Kashmir. 

Ganga Choti is situated in the Pir Panjal Range, a heavenly mountain range in the western Himalayas with spurs in Pakistan. This range natural beauty and the life of inhabitants have quoted very beautifully by explorers of all time. This area is home to some of the rarest forests in the region containing hundreds years old pine trees. The natural beauty is at superlatives from April to August. A day hike program to this panoramic mountain will add a wealth of happiness in once life.



Day 1: Departure for Sudhan Gali via Muzzaffarabad, Garhi Dopata, Chikaar. Overnight in hotel/camp 
Day 2: Start early morning trek to Ganga Choti by late afternoon drive back to Islamabad.