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Doing Business Enjoy With Golf in Exclusive Golf Courses

All the countries of the world are not alike in the acquisition of human and physical resources. Each nation is a separate entity, separate market and requires a separate program. In this regard, Pakistan is one of the densely populated countries and considered as ninth most populous country of the world. There is a great potential in products and the inhabitants are consumption oriented. For doing business with other nations, the businessmen must be fully aware of the culture and the social set up of the target area. In this connection, NTP has especially customized this tour in providing an ample opportunity to insight the socio cultural and historical background as well as explore the potential market with leisure. This tour will take you to the industrial zones and hold meetings between buyers and sellers.

The immense wealth of Indo-Pakistan, the gold mine had attracted the attention of the foreigners. From the very ancient times, Indo- Pakistan had commercial contacts with the countries of the West. The products of Indo- Pakistan were in great demand in the Western countries during the first three centuries of the Christian era. With expansion of the Roman Empire facilitated commercial intercourse between the East and West. But from the 7th century AD, the Arabs began to dominate the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea and the monopoly of Indian trade passed on to their hands, it was from then that the merchants of Venice, Genoa and other countries of Italy purchased Indian goods and carries them to Europe. In the 15th century AD, the Ottoman Turks were very powerful and with the capture of Constantinople by the Turk the overland route was also lost to the nation of Europe, it was the commercial necessity that inspired many a European to discover a new route to India.Moreover, the contact of the European with the Muslim cultures produce among them a great intellectual awakening known as the renaissance.

Pakistan is rich in natural and human resources but lacking in new technology. Pakistan is a large market with a population of over 140 million people. The list of imports is pretty long which cannot be given in detail here but in generally one can assess that the import bill of Pakistan has always been far ahead of its exports. This clearly means that to cope with the needs of is industry and the consumer markets Pakistan has to import a lot of items from basic materials to a diverse number of other goods and material including machinery. Pakistan also hiring the services of foreign companies in the services sectors. This means that there is a big opportunity for the foreign traders to get their market share in this large consumer market. Similarly, Pakistan has a very rich and fertile land. It has a lot of agriculture products to offer to the international market. Pakistan’s Basmati Rice is considered to be the best in its taste and fragrance throughout the world. Our fruits are very delicious and juicy especially our mango are liked all over the world. Fresh vegetables from Pakistan are also being exported to Gulf and some other countries. But there is still a big scope of export fresh vegetable and fruits. Pakistani cotton is also one of the cash crops which is exported to foreign markets. The products are as diverse as sports goods, surgical items, cotton made ups, leather goods, hosiery items, cotton yarn and so on. The foreign traders will find Pakistan a very friendly consumer market for their own products and at the same time they will  find Pakistan the land of great opportunities to reap profits by purchasing products of high quality at very competitive prices.

This tour will start from Karachi, the hub of Pakistan’s economy. Being the only international seaport it controls 90% of Pakistan’s international trade. All the financial institutions have their headquarters in Karachi because this business and industrial capital of Pakistan has a large industrial base. Hence about half the financial activities of Pakistan are limited within this industrial and commercial metropolitan city. Evenings will be spent in the golf course founded from the desert.
The second destination of this journey will be Lahore, the second largest business center of the country is the beautiful and historical city of Lahore. This city has a large textile and chemical units including a large number of garment factories, leather processing and stitching units, hosiery, food processing units and a large number of hands knitted carpet factories. The businessmen interested in buying the value added products. Apart from business Lahore has a great treasure of historical places, Moghul monuments and architecture, beautiful gardens and the biggest markets in Asia. The tourists also enjoy playing golf on the grassy fields of Jam Khana Club.

Faisalabad is known as Manchester of Pakistan as majority of the textile units is installed in Faisalabad. It is also the largest whole sale market of yarn and finished cloth throughout the country. It is also very rich in hosiery industry. The businessmen who are interested in textile and hosiery items will find Faisalabad an appropriate place for business.

The twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are also a great potential market for the visiting businessmen who can easily explore some profitable business within the capital territory as ail of the foreign missions and government headquarters are situated in Islamabad which give it an international tune. Apart from exploring business the visitors will enjoy by sightseeing and golfing. The group will also be taken to the beautiful hill station Murree where with one overnight at PC Burban playing golf in the highest elegant golf course.

Peshawar is the old business center of the north western frontier province and had been the gateway for the traders from central Asia and Europe to the subcontinent. They made their extensive trade exchange while enroute to china via silk route. Peshawar is also very rich in handicrafts, pottery and gemstones.  The city is the hub of gemstone business. Apart from business the businessmen will find very interesting to see the ancient style of bazaars especially the Qisa Khuani Bazaar which represents the centuries old traditions. The visitors can also see the craftsmen carving on the metals and doing embroidery on the woolen jackets and gowns. The businessmen will enjoy by sightseeing and playing golf in the oldest Peshawar lush green golf course.



Day 1    Arrive Karachi
Day 2    Karachi
Day 3    Flight to Faisalabad
Day 4    Faisalabad
Day 5    Flight to Lahore
Day 6    Lahore
Day 7    Drive to Islamabad
 Day 8   Islamabad
Day 9    Murree
Day 10  Drive to Peshawar
Day 11  Peshawar
Day 12  Onward