Gorakh Hills

Goakh hill


A trip to cold and panoramic place is without a doubt a pleasant surprise when we think on the scorching temperature of Southern Region. This tour takes to Gorakh Hill, known as Murree of the South, is one of the highest plateaus of Sindh. This surprising destination is situated at an elevation of 1,734 meter in the Kirthar Mountains and about 423 km from Karachi. The cold summer and snow falling winters gives this place great attractions for for tourists. This tourist spot is recognized for its flawless natural beauty, panoramic views is not only provides peace to the mind but is a treat to the eyes too.

The charmful weather, panoramic surroundings, ample flora and fauna all combined to give it a must visit destination status. The tour is supplemented by all possible fun, facilities, and activities including hiking, bonfire, and BBQ. Let have a second to non sunset and sunrise experience during this tour. 


By midnight start drive from Karachi to Gorakh Hill via Sehwan, Wahi Pandi. By 4WD vehicles climb up to Gorakh Top. Trek to viewpoint is optional. Overnight camping bonfire and BBQ.

Drive to Karachi via Khawal Luk Pass. Arrive in Karachi.