Talking of Hunza cannot be justified without using superlatives. In a sphere of 50 Km There are situated about ten seven thousand meter peaks. Rakaposhi, altitude 7788 Mts. overwhelms any other experience while staying in Hunza. This region also provides you the opportunity to have an initial experience of walking on the white glaciers. Our program is made to make you experience bird-eye’s views of the gaint mountains and trekking along the Passu glacier.

Driving through the Karakuram Highway, the ancient Silk Route, along the Mighty Indus, this exciting tour takes you to Gilgit and Hunza. Hunza Valley, known as Shangrila on earth for its alluring scenic beauty and historical values. You can sight the glistening glaciers, and mountains summits of Rakapushi, 7788 m and Nanga Parbat 8125m with other majestic peaks in all their magic from the roadside or from the window of your hotel room. The excursion to Khunjrab border and visit to Baltit Fort make this trip also a lifetime experience.



Day 01                   Islamabad

Day 02                   Drive to Besham

Day O3                   Drive to Gilgit

Day 04                   Drive to upper Hunza

Day 05-09             Trekking

Day 10                   Arrive Karimabad

Day 11                   Free day

Day 12                   Drive to Chilas

Day 13                   Islamabad

Day 14                   Flight


Drive to Besham.
Drive to Gilgit. PM at leisure.
Drive to Karimabad.Excursion.
Drive to Chilas.
Drive to Islamabad.

                                                End of Our services