Indus Valley Civilization Tour


Peep into the Ancient World along the Indus River. The treasures of art, culture, architecture and everything found in Pakistan clearly trace the history of the region and its various civilisations, as well as illustrating the many external influences as everyone left their impact on this land. NTP takes you to these grandeur fragments of history in a fourteen days trip.

Pakistan traces back its existence even in more ancient time where a highly advanced civilization flourished in this part of earth when the rest of the world was in abysmal ignorance. Pakistan has the second largest number of sites after Egypt featuring prehistoric period marvels of MeharGarh and KotDiji civilization, the oldest recorded civilizations on earth, 5000 old Indus Valley civilization of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, Gandhara architecture and sculptures, Moghul and British monuments dotted the length and breadth of the country.

The Aryans are thought to have overwhelmed the region in 1500 BC pushing the Hindu civilization to Ganges Valley. In the 5th century BC up to the 2nd century AD, the Persians filled their abdomens by incorporating the northern region into the Persian Empire. The Greeks invaders under Alexander the great came to this region in 326 BC, and passed leaving Hellenistic footprints. Within a year of Alexander’s retreat, Mauryan Empire came into being that had reached its crest under the rule of Asoka. He promoted Buddhism and built Buddhist memorials all over the empire. The death of Asoka resulted in the dispersion of Mauryan Empire and a series of invaders like the Bactrian Greeks, Skkas, and Parthian and ultimately the Kushans exerted their hegemony by establishing their empires. Round 120 AD, the great Buddhist ruler Kanishka exalted Gandharan School of art, the commercial and spiritual center of the empire. At last Huns ruined the Gandhara civilisation.

Following the tradition of invasions, the Arabs under Muhammad Bin Qasim anchored in 712 AD, and ruled the Southern region of this country for two hundred years. Although Islam gained its first foothold in South Asia but their influence was more cultural and commercial than religious.


Day 1     Arrive Karachi

Day 2     Drive to Hyderabad

Day 3     Drive to Sehwan Sharif

Day 4     Drive to Larkana via Moenjodoro

Day 5     Drive to Bahawalpur via Uch Sharif

Day 6     Drive to Multan

Day 7     Multan

Day 8     Drive to Lahore via Harapa

Day 9     Lahore

Day 10   Drive to Islamabad via Salt Range or Rohtas Fort

Day 11   Drive to Peshawar

Day 12   Peshawar

Day 13   Drive to Islamabad via Takht-Bahi

Day 14   On ward