Journey into Light

Khawaja Ghulam Tomb
Shahrukne Alam


In today's world of materialism when man has become a machine like robot, generally meant for producing or consuming certain goods; working day and night to earn more so that the burning material demands could be fulfilled. But in this futile struggle man has lost peace of mind. Eventually he has gone astray from the path of the real peace and has got disconnected his soul from the Great and Merciful Creator. In this connection NTP while introducing this special spiritual journey had kept these purely humanitarian aspects to adjust the priorities and services towards humanity appropriately compatible.

The great saints devoted their lives for the enrichment of their souls to grasp the real peace of this world and hereafter. To cure the acute spiritual ailment of men, mysticism in fact, leads to the real peace of mind and soul. The mankind today needs a sincere guidance to the path, which leads to the eternal peace, especially the matter trodden humanity. Sufi Saints still rule over the hearts of Muslims and are revered by other communities throughout the world. The visit to shrines by millions of people every year is an abiding testimony of their absolute and undisputed sway over their followers.

Saints’ shrines stimulate you to follow those who have devoted their lives for the noble cause of uplift and progress of humankind. Most of the old shrines are specimens of the best of Muslim architecture, calligraphy, decorative floral art and designing. Some of them are highly fascinating and astonishingly beautiful. One can see all the Muslim architectural styles in these shrines: Turkish, Iranian, original Arab and even Muslim Egyptian-Sudanese. Some of these are built in the peculiar indo-Muslim style, which is an amalgam of both local and foreign styles.

Muslim shrines and tombs of Sufi Saints represent Muslim culture, traditions and its benevolence in totality. At the time of annual Urs or the death anniversaries of the Sufi Saints, Their tombs and shrines become places of great religious, cultural and social interest. People from all over the country and from all walks of life gather there to pay homage to the Saint. They come here in their colorful costumes. Fairs and other folk- oriented events are held. The shrine then becomes a fairground, with musicians playing traditional instruments and singers performing mystical folk songs, while dervishes and mendicants dance themselves into a devotional ecstasy and incense to reach a trance- like state of communion with God. Bazaars, trade fairs and competitions of sports are also held. To sum up, one can see almost the whole gamut of Pakistani traditions put together in any of the Urs fairs.

So, let us take you on a Journey into Light, on a devotional tour of our ancient land, to witness edifying panorama of our rich spiritual, cultural and traditional heritage. The journey starts from Sind, known as the land of Saints, with a profound mystic appeal of its own. We will pay our homage to shrines are of Lai ShahbazQalandar, whose shrine is in Sehwan Sharif, Shah Shams Tabrez of Multan, Data GanjBaksh of Lahore, Baba FaridGanj-e-Shakar of Pakpatan, Shah Latif of Bhit Shah near Haia, Bari Imam of Islamabad with hundreds of thousands of devotees. Muslims but Hindus, Christian, Sikhs and followers of other religions also regularly visit the Muslim shrines. No questions are ever asked about their religion or faith, cast or creed, have and have not. Everybody can satisfy their inner being here with eternal peace and tranquility. 


Day 01    Karachi
Day 02    Hyderabad
Day 03    Sehwan Sharif
Day 04    Larkana
Day 05    Multan
Day 06    Multan
Day 07    Lahore
Day 08    Lahore
Day 09    Peshawar
Day 10    Swat
Day 11    Swat
Day 12    Islamabad via Taxila and Hassan Abdal
Day 13    Islamabad
Day 14    Fly out