This tour takes you to Monjedaro, 5000 old Indus Valley civilization. Starting from Karachi and visiting Thetta, the abode of impressive monuments, the striking Chaukundi Tombs, the massive necropolis of Makli Hill, the spiritual center of Sehwan Sharif, Asiaís largest lake, Keenjhar, all of a particular interest in lower Sindh, our main point of interest will be the 3000 BCís ruined cities of Monjedaro, a highly developed civilization existed contemporary of Mesopotamia and Nile civilizations.

We will visit Monjedaro museum, housing a rich collection of artifacts and objects of Indus Valley Civilization, later visit the archaeological site where you can witness the earliest examples of intellectual advancement of Indus Civilization in the shape of highly organized town planning.


Day 1
Early morning meetup and proceed to Monjedaro. Enroute visit to Makli Graveyard, Shahjahan Mosque Thatta, Keenjhar Lake, and the Tomb of Shah Abdul Latif we will reach Monjedaro after 7 hours. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast visit to the Monjedaro Museum and the excavated site and drive back to Karachi.