Mountain Biking

Mountain biking

For bikers looking for mountain trails supplemented by natural scenery there cannot be any better choice than to make it Silk Route.Biking on the Karakoram Highway, in the Indus gorge, passing through the mountain ranges of Himalayas, Karakoram Hindukkush and Pamir. It is traveling in the total wilderness with spectacular mountain grandeur, Starling from Islamabad one can make a ten days biking tour to Khunjerab Pass, altitude 4600 Mts., Pakistan China border. The trail is good for mountain as well as speed bikes. We recommend it as a moderate adventure. Driving the last two days
from Gilgit to Islamabad

For biking enthusiasts looking for mountain trails supplemented by natural scenery and history, there cannot be any better choice than the Silk Route. On this tour, follow the footsteps of ancient traders heading for china through the scenic Kaghan Valley over Babusar Pass and Deosai Plateau, and descend on to the Karakoram Highway for onward journey to Hunza and Khunjerab pass. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime adventure, it is this Traversing through three mountains ranges-the Himalayas, Karakorum and Pamir’s-and gripping close to the banks of the mighty Indus for over 300km, the Karakorum highway is truly a marvel of modem engineering.

Starting at Abbottabad, it's ten-days of unforgettable biking will end at Khunjerab pass. Travelling on this route, one passes through many contrasting landscapes and cultures. The high point of our trip is the 4733m high Khunjerab Pass, the border between Pakistan and china is the highest paved border crossing. It was part of the historic Silk Rout from China to the western world. Travel on Karakoram Highway in the Indus gorge, passing under the shadows of 3125m Nanga Parbat, 7788m Rakaposhi in addition to numerous other beautiful peaks and biking by three glaciers’ snouts, Passo, Gulkin, and Batura. Side valleys also offer good dirt tracks in total wilderness conditions.
Biking in the most beautiful and mightiest mountain portion of the earth will give an ample experience. We have successfully organized two biking tours on this route.



Day 1    Islamabad
Day 2    Balakot
Day 3    Narran
Day 4    Lalusar Lake
Day 5    Chilas
Day 6    Astore
Day 7    Astore
Day 8     Chilim
Day 9     Skardu
Day 10   Skardu
Day 11   Staqchu
Day 12   Gilgit
Day 13   Hunza
Day 14   Sust
Day 15   Khunjerab -Gilgit
Day 16   Besham
Day 17   Islamabad
Day 18   Fly out