Nomadic Experience

Multan,Clock Tower

Indus Boating & Camel Safari

Pakistan is famous for many aspects. One from the diverse attractions is the Nomads stretching from the deserts, rivers to the highlands. During this tour we will explore and live with the nomads.

Camel Safari: This trip on camel back in the Cholistan and Thar deserts. In Cholistan the safari follows the dried bed of the ancient river Hakra also known as Sarvasti, visiting many ancient forts and nomad settlements along the way. Each camel has a saddle with extra foam cushioning and is ridden by two persons, the tourist and the camel driver. Of the two jeeps accompany the group, one carrying the kitchen and tenting equipments while the other is for fondling emergencies. This jeep provides “POINT” and “CHASE” support to the camels riding group throughout the day. While the kitchen jeep travels ahead to prepare camp. Two local musician also accompany the group performing at night around the camp fire while the camel drivers and others perform the local dance. These trips vary from Three to Seven days camel ride but we can tailor the itinerary according to the requirement of our valued clients. Camps are made each night near one of the many ancient forts , spread all over Cholistan, so the setting is quite dramatic while the sunrises and sunsets are unforgettably romantic.We also offer combination of boat, camel and jeep safaris which prove to be very interesting.

Boat Safaris: These trips are undertaken on local 60 feet long wooden boats on the Indus and Chinab rivers in the province of Punjab. Generally this trip is for three days but we can offer longer boat safaris on request. Days are spent visiting with the locals at their villages and nomads settlements all along the river and is observing the large number of aquatic birds which are in a great numbers as these areas fall in their winter migration routs. On the Indus river one can also observe the famous Blind Dolphins during the safari. At night camp along the banks have dinner and enjoy the local music and dances performed by the boatman around the camp fire. Every safari accompanied by a kitchen boat which prepares excellent food for the group and store all the equipment and luggage. Nights are spent in spacious two person tents on river bank.

This exceptional safari takes you through the Chulistan, once a developed civilization of Hakara River, now buried under the buttress of sand with its 400 rich archaeological sites. The tour takes us to the city of saints, Multan with a drive to Bahawalpur. While the days camel ride explore its mysteries and visiting nomad settlements, nights experience the local concerts around a campfire living in camping. Let leave own marks on the sands of time. Discover the rising and setting of the sun sights unknown to the world.

Unrolling the treasures of dreams, the solitude of the Cholistan desert and Indus River reveals secrets and envelops delights to appreciate the sublime beauty of heaven and earth. The oriental splendorous skies with romantic moonlit upon the ocean of sand and the waves, healthful freshness of the stars and the imaginary music in the skies, leave naught for the imagination to desire. There is everything and nothing too.

This back to the past adventure in the land of myriad legends comprising forts, fascinating cultures and ancient historical sites left by successive waves of invaders, on the back of camels supplemented by local flat bottom houseboat in Indus qualify the phrase Do in Rome what Romans do. Days are spent re-exploring the ancient monuments and visiting with the locals at their villages and nomad settlements all along the way and in observing the large number of fauna and flora. The wild silence majesty turns into gala nights with pomp and circumstances of local music by native musicians while the boatmen and camel drivers perform local dances around a campfire. So, the environment is absolutely dramatic and romantic. This beyond the time limits journey encompasses all the bits of a life time memorable experience.

In southern Pakistan along with the Indus flooded plain lies the vast expanses of Cholistan and Thar deserts.25000-sq km Cholistan, the largest desert in Pakistan extending its wings south into the Thar and east into Rajasthan Deserts. Cholistan desert is not only a howling wilderness but also enshrined treasures of ancient civilizations deep in its bosom. The quivering land has witnessed a tier after tier climatic changes as Hakra River once flowed through the region, supporting a civilization rivaling to Indus Valley Civilization. Besides numerous evidences of Stone Age, over 400 remnants of ancient Hakra civilization have been discovered in Cholistan, once a thriving human settlements perished by dried out river sources in the Himalayan Mountains.

Starting the tour from Multan, the spiritual heart of Pakistan. Subsequently two days are reserved for boating in the Indus, the ‘Lion River5 experiencing unforgettable adventure in using of centuries old style wooden boats where time seems to stand still. Observing the Indus Blind Dolphin and other river fauna, we will reach Bahawalpur, the gateway to Cholistan Desert. An oasis cum desert Lai Sonhara Park provides an ample opportunity to see a great variety of fauna and flora.

The third phase of this adventure iead into the Cholistan Desert, stretches as an ocean without vistas, spreading its sand further than sight can reach in every direction. As a part of nomadic ways, we will ride on camel backs and halting under the shadows of the green and majestic palm trees and spending nights under open but superb oriental sky. This unforgettable journey will bring us to a series of desert forts. The best-preserved one with an impressive sight is the Derawar Fort of the Abbasi dynasty. Detouring to Bahawalpur we will visit Uch Sharif, tracing back to the Buddhist period is famous for its most marvelous tombs. The journey supported by four wheel vehicles. Let spare some days in free style.





Day 01 Multan

On arrival at Multan airport transfer to hotel. Afternoon city tour visit the tomb of famous saint Shah Rukn-a-Alara still a reminiscence of its original glory in glazed blue tiles, visit the tomb of Shah Shams Tabraiz, proceed to see the ancient Clock Tower amidst the old city center, later visit old Eid-Gah mosque with a magnificent view and floral patterns. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02   Multan-Bhawalpur-Lal Shohanra Park

Morning drive to Bahawalpur and onward to Lal sohanrapark, arrive and transfer to rest house. Visit Lalsohanra national park a wildlife reserve and sanctuary of rare species of animals like (unicorn) rhino, desert cat and black-buok and species of deer,Return to your rest house. Overnight camping/rest house

Day 03   Lal Sohanra Park-Kundwala

Today we shall enter the Cholistan desert known as Rohi in the local language. Camel ride to Kudwala takes 2-3 hrs. Jeeps drive Drawar fort. This famous desert spreads over an area of 16000 sq. Km. Extending up to Thar desert in India. The word Cholistan means moving as the people of Cholistan are semi-nomadic who keep on moving from one place to another in search of water and fodder for their livestock. En route picnic lunch, arrive and camp at Kudwala. Overnight camping.

Day 04   Kudwala-Chanapir

Camel ride to Chanan Pir for 5 hours in the desert. Visit the Chanan Pir shrine, a Sufi saint of Cholistan desert. Overnight camping.Music program by the camp site.

Day 05   Chanan Pir-Desert CampSite

Camel ride for 4 hours in the desert.Camping at the campsite.

Day 06    Desert Camp Site-Drawar Fort

Camel ride for 5-6 hours. Visit the Interior of Drawar fort (subject to permission) this tour will take nearly 2 hours. Drawar fort is still guarded by the personal guards of the Amir of Bahawalpur  the tombs of ex-rulers of Bahawalpur and their families in glazed blue tile work are located in this fort. Overnight camping near the fort.Mirathi concert can be arranged on request.

Day 07    Drawar Fort-Uch Shariff-Multan

Drive back to Multan via UchShariff flourished as an important religious Centre of the famous Sufi Saints in the past, here we will see the tombs which reflect their preaching and commemorate their reminiscence. Transfer to hotel, overnight at hotel.

Day 08-10  Multan- Tonsa (Boat Ride)

Transfer to river Indus to start your three days boat tour. These flat bottom boats are omened by the local fisherman as house boats. Travelling slowly with the gentle current of the Indus River this journey provides you the ideal opportunity to observe nature and the local culture. During the day you could stop to have a rare view of Persian wheel working to irrigate a field. The machine is as old as human settlements giving you a feeling of traveling in time. The marshes along the river serve as winter refuge for Siberian migratory birds and Indus blind Dolphin is indigenous specie trapped in the muddy waters when barrages were built during last century.For night boats will stop at the river bank and dinner will be served by the camp staff.

Day 11    Multan-Islamabad

End of the journey and transfer to Multan for flight to Islamabad.On arrival at Islamabad.Airport transfer to hotel.

Day 12   Taxila

Morning drive to Taxila.Visit Taxila Museum,archaeological sites of the Buddhist University monastery of Jaulian, Sirkap, Mohra Muradu and BhirMond. The archaeological history of Taxila dates back from 600 B.C. to 500 A.D when it was at its culmination and where flourished the Greco-Buddhist School of Gandhara Art, under the Mahayana doctrine of Buddhism. Lunch at Taxila.Drive back to Islamabad after sightseeing of Islamabad proceed to Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi.

Day 13

 Transfer to airport for flight back to the respective destinations.

Short Itinerary

Day        01           Multan

Day        02           Drive to Taunsa

Days      03-5       Boating

Day        06           Drive to Bahawalpur

Day        07           Drive to Lai Sonhara Park

Days      08-10     Carnal Safari in Chulistan

Day        11           Drive to Bahawalpur via Uch Sharif

Day        12           Fly out

                                 -End of our services-