North Batura Trek



Batura Trek offers a wide range of features for trekkers of all ages. The 65 km glacier, the second longest in Pakistan, extends down to the valley till it hugs the KKH as the track was bulldozed penetrating through the last flow of the glacier. The variations include white glacier, crossing huts and awe-inspiring sights of avalanches. We cross the Batura Glacier one of the longest glaciers of the world that lies close and appears to be a vertical wall of Ice also known as Batura Wall comprising Batura I, II and Batura III all over 7000 m. The romantic feature offers a view of the sleeping beauty that appears to be a caricature of a woman. The occasional shepherds of nomadic Wakhi people tending flocks of sheep or young yaks welcome us with friendly gestures.

Most of this trek is an easy stroll along a flower filled of lateral moraines. The mountainside here is dotted with juniper bushes, Wild roses, gooseberries, rhubarb, potentilla, rock-roses, anemone and many other flowers and the occasional willow nestles in the gully between the lateral moraine and the mountain.

Yashpirt at 3300 m with a spectacular view down across the Batura Glacier to the Batura Massif group.The First Batura ice-flow, a wide crevassed glacier, oozed down the north face of Batura, making a stupendous backdrop for the settlement. Avalanches thunder down Batura, and rocks rumble into crevasses on the glacier. The mountain views of Batura, Passu and Shishpar peaks are superb. At the culmination of the trek, we have marvelous views of some of the highest peaks of the Karakoram Range. We trace back our steps down the valley with a little diversion at the end of trek with a fascinating panoramic view.


Day 01 Islamabad

Upon arrival at Islamabad Airport meet your guide and transfer to your hotel. Afternoon sightseeing of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, We drive on the Mall by an ancient basilica in gothic architecture and other buildings. Visit Raja Bazar the ancient city Center in the old Rawalpindi city. Raja Bazar retains the hoary fervor with its lively oriental markets in bright tinge, simmering with folks from different walks of life. Amidst   the market festooned with garland shops, and stalls of fortune tellers, chewing tobacco and snuff sellers, money changers, we might come across the astonishing sight of a snake charmer with his cobras (a gypsy people of Dravidian ethnic origin).Proceed to Islamabad the modern capital of Pakistan, drive past by Government buildings, the Presidency planned an American architect Edward Durrell Stone, Ministry, of Foreign Affairs and secretariat blocks planned by a group Italian architects Fernorolli, Rosili and Geoponti. We arrive at Shah Faisal's Mosque the largest in the world. Precede  to Daman-a-Koh an elevated photogenic point for a panoramic view  of entire Islamabad. Islamabad has developed as a rendezvous of various cultures and ultimately a cosmopolitan' metropolis. We drive back to the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02   Islamabad-Gilgit

Transfer to Islamabad Airport, Embark your flight to Gilgit Offering Awe-inspiring aerial views of the Himalayas and Karakoram mountain ranges, just after 20 minutes from the take-off we witness the fantastic super structured ice walls of the towering massif of the Nanga Parbat 8126 meters dominating the whole region and casting a sudden spell to the allured tourists, mountaineers or trekkers preferring window seats or cockpit with their cameras in action for well over ten minutes is among the initial highlight of the trip of this dream-land of perennial glaciers and snow clad peaks. On arrival at Gilgit Airport we board the jeeps and transfer to hotel. Afternoon sightseeing of Gilgit town visit Kargah, Gilgit Bazaar and ChinarBagh. Incase flight is canceled due to weather we shall drive to Besham. Overnight at hotel.

Day 03   Gilgit-Karimabad-Gulmit

Depart for Gulmit via the legendary Karimabad offering scenic views of the snowy Rakaposhi Peak 7788 meters high. We stop at Karimabad a brief sojourn for lunch and wander in the village meeting Hunza people and visiting Baltit Fort. After Lunch proceed to Gulmit and transfer to hotel.

Day 04   Gulmit-Passu-Yunz - 3 hours

A moderate walk along edge of the Batura glacier, overnight camping.

Day 05    Yunz-Yashpirt - 6 hours

Today we cross the black glacier and arrive at Yashpirt,Overnight camping

Day 06    Yashpirt-Puthmahal - 4 hours

We trek along the Batura wall coming closer to ice flow of the glaciers with a superb view of Batura I, II AND III. Arrive and camp for overnight.

Day 07    Puthmahal-Kukhil - 3 hours

We trek through shepherd huts and wade through a stream. Arrive and camp for overnight.

Day 08    Kukhil-Gutchishm - 3 hours

We trek to Gutchishm the culmination of the trek and fine. View overnight  camping.

Day 09    Gutchishm-Puthmahal - 5 hours

Trek back through same rout. Overnight camping

Day 10   Puthmahal-Yashprit - 3 hours

Trek back by the same route overnight camping.

Day 11   Yashprit-Yunz - 6 hours

Trek back to Yunz Overnight Camping.

Day 12   Yunz-Passu- Karimabad - 2 hour

Trek back to Passu and embark the vehicles to Karimabad. Arrive and transfer to hotel for overnight.

Day 13   Karimabad-Chilas

Drive to Chilas and transfer to hotel for overnight.

Day 14   Chilas-Islamabad

Fly to Islamabad. On arrival at Islamabad airport make your own arrangements. In case flight does not operates drive to Besham. Overnight at hotel.

Day 15   Islamabad-Onward

Transfer to airport in transit for your destination assistance at the airport.


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