Rupal Peak Expedition



Rupal peak is an ideal alpine style climbing peak in the great Himalayas. It is accessible from the Astor valley only with a day trek. 




Day 1 Islamabad

Upon arrival at Islamabad Airport meet your guide and transfer to your hotel. Afternoon  sightseeing of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We drive on the Mall by an ancient basilica in gothic architecture and other buildings. Visit Raja Bazar the ancient city Center in the old Rawalpindi city. Raja Bazar retains the hoary fervor with its lively oriental markets in bright tinge, simmering with folks from different walks of life. Amidst the market festooned with garland shops, and 1 stalls of fortune tellers, chewing tobacco and snuff sellers, money changers, we might come across the astonishing sight of a snake charmer with his cobras (a gypsy people of Dravadian ethnic origin). Proceed to Islamabad the modern capital of Pakistan, drive past by Government buildings, the Presidency planned by an American architect EwardDurrel Stone, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and secretariat blocks planned by a group Italian architects Fernorolli, Rosili and Geoponti. We arrive at Shah Faisal's Mosque the largest in the world. Proceed to Daman-a-Koh an elevated photogenic point for a panoramic view of entire Islamabad. Islamabad has developed as a rendezvous of various cultures and ultimately a cosmopolitan metropolis. We drive back to the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2 Islamabad-Gilgit

Meet your Guide and transfer to airport to embark your flight to Gilgit on the most spectacular air routes in the world. One hour flights in Fokker. Friendship is rewarded with magnificent sight of Nanga Parbat altitude 8128 meters, the western most peak of Himalayan mountain range. Gilgit is the capital of Northern Areas, the bazaars offers dry fruits and local handicrafts etc. it is the central place for tourists, mountaineers  and trekkers. The five km long bazaar used to be visited by caravans of camel trains from Kashgar and Sinkiang region of China. On arrival at Gilgit Airport transfer to hotel. Sightseeing of Gilgit visit Kargah Buddha, Gilgit Bazar and ChinarBagah .In case flight is canceled drive by road to Chilas for overnight. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3 Gilgit or Chilas-Tarashing

After breakfast drive to Tarashing through Astore valley. Astor valley was the trade route linking Gilgit region with Kashmir. Inhabited by people of pure Aryan traits, whole the vallay over whelmed by the presence of mighty Nanga Parbat massif and its subsidiary peaks. Compared to Karakorum, Himalayan scenery is lush green and typically alpine.              

Tarashing an altitude of 2911 meters will be the first camping day for your seven days trekking and climbing adventure. You can see the second highest peak of Pakistan Nanga Parbat is quiet splendid view from Tarashing. It’s incomparable to other peaks (South side) is one of the greatest precipices in the world. It is also notorious as the Killer mountain/Hundred faces. Influenced by the centers old legend the local believers beyond that Nanga Parbat is an eternal abode of fairies and demons who frequently curse their fury over the undesirable intruders in the shape of roaring avalanches the locals. Thus alarmingly warns mountaineers to keep their feet off this dangerous mountain. The first visual record of this mountain was a canvas painted by Rudolf  Schiagintweit, a German traveller who beheld this mighty peak in 1852.    

Day 04   Tarashing-Bezin

Trek to Bezin in 3 to 4 hour walk. Tarashing to Bazin across the Tarashing glacier the lower and upper Rupal is lush green and very isolated valley between two glaciers. During the first hour we ascend steeply up the lateral moraine of the Tarashing glacier, then cross the glacier in 30-40 minutes to the other side of Rupal. Lower Rupal is inhabited by people who migrated from Baltistan. From Rupal the path climbs steadily up a narrow green valley, through clusters of wild trees (Willow, Poplar and Juniper). Bezin the camp site, altitude 3650 meters is located in a narrow field between lateral moraine and the mountains with running water a small wood and spectacular views up the east face of Nanga Parbat. From camp the glimpses of avalanches can be seen. Overnight camping.

Day 05  Bezin To Shaigiri

Bazin to Shaigiri 4 hour trek across the biggest and longest glacier of the area to green meadows of "Tuppu" where your appearance will spectacular view for the local peoples and you must be welcomed by them being spends the summer with their cattle temporary homes made of  hut sand walk along the Rupal stream past Herlligkoffer base camp, after the German mountaineering organizer who has led eight expeditions to Nanga Parbat, including the first ascent by German Buhl in 1953. Latbo base camp is very famous by the green fountain throwing dome decree like snake but you can continue your trek to Shaigiri more than two hours to Shaigiri camp from where you can shout and safe in your moves to magnificent views is really at a glance of the south face of the Rupal peak altitude at about 5971 meters addition to Nanga Parbat. Camp at meadows corner of the rock at about 3660 meters camp site is a good place with a lake and summer settlements. Overnight in camp.                                                                                                                                      

Day 06   (Optional) Rupal Peak Expedition

Optional Expedition to Rupal Peak Latobo is our base camp for Rupal peak. Rupal peak is 5584meters to the south of Shaigiri, it is a technically difficult climb for trekkers but comparatively easy for mountaineers. It offers magnificent views north across the valley to Nanga Parbat. According to Doug Scott it is grade-3 ice climbing. Two days are enough for climbing or excursion or leisure. Overnight camping.

Day 07-08  Rupal-Tarashing

Trekking back to Tarashing by the same way.Overnight Camping.

Day 09 Tarashing-Chilas

Drive to Chilas by Jeep takes 6/7 hours. Overnight at hotel.

Day 10 Chilas-Islamabad

10/12 hour drive to Islamabad on KKH.Lunch at Besham.On arrival at Islamabad transfer to your residence.

Day 11 Islamabad-Onward  

Transfer to airport in transit for your onward destination. Assistance at the airport.


                                                                                                                         End of our services