Trango Group


The jagged peaks from 5753 to 6545 meters high Trango Rang teethed on the Baltoro Glacier, forms one of the largest vertical faces of the world. There is no choice for a rock climber than to this spot of world where dozen of choices exits. 

The 6239 meters high Nameless Tower scaled by British in 1976 for the first time. Great Trango Tower's main summit (6286 m) was first climbed in 1977. Great Trango is rather a large peak with three main summits, all over 6000 meters. Nameless Tower is more featured than Great Trango. Routes on Nameless are approached from either the Trango or Dungee Glaciers, while Great Trango's wall routes are approached from the Dungee Glacier. 

Trango Tower (6,245m) in the Baltoro region is one of the natural wonders in the Karakorum Range, the most dramatic feature in the Trango Group. Trango's altitude, verticality, and sustained difficulty would call for a level of free climbing performance that had never been seen in the great and remote ranges of the world

Three miles across the Trango Glacier and just above the confluence of the North and South Hainablak glaciers the elusive Shipton Spire (5900m) rises out of the ice without hesitation. It wasn't until the summer of 1996 that a strong North American/Australian team finally conquered it. A 29 pitch, 4,400 foot big-wall with the pitch rated 6c, 7b and 7b+ that is certainly offer best technical climb you ever have without paying the royalty.
It's a three-day, 50-mile trek to Trango base camp from Askoli village having after a seven hours jeep drive from Skardu.