Treks along the KKH

Hunza Peak

Combination trek and tour to Swat, Fairy meadow, and Minapin

These three Valleys are the combination of the most picturesque and beautiful valleys of Pakistan in the vicinity of KKH. People, who have also visited other scenic places in the world, say it is unpolluted natural and unspoiled from urbanization where you can still feel yourself close to nature. These short, easy and extremely scenic trekking has tailored for novice, light adventure enthusiast and all type of ages. The greatest advantage of these areas is accessible directly from KKH and can be completed in two to four days. There are free days supplemented with the tour to give plentiful chance for further exploration, acclimatization and rest.

Swat, the Switzerland of the East
Is also known as Udayana, the garden of the ancient Hindu epics, the land of enthralling beauty. It had been the cradle of Buddhism of all its school of thoughts. Swat valley is one of the most attractive tourist zones. It has wonderful archeological sites, lush green sub-valleys, snow-capped mountains and dancing water. Its multi-dimensional charms lure tourists from time immemorial.13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif, a beautiful small village of 1287m Muraghzar is the road head. We will stay at White Palace, the converted summer palace of the first Waii of Swat.

We will make a superb day excursion to Mount Ham on the oid Hindu pilgrim path. 2811m Ham Mount, is the largest hill in lower Swat and it has been sacred and altar place since pre-historic times. The mount features remarkably described in the mythology of many religious groups, including the Buddhist, Lamaists, Hindus and Muslims. XuanZang called it mount Hilo, the Tibetan mount llo. The Hindus carved the name of Sri Ram on a rock at the highest point. Arrian's account of Alexander’s battle on this mountain “Alexander thus became master of the rock which had baffled Herakles himself.”

Fairy Meadows, the abode of supernatural powers
As the name implies fairies inhabit this spectacular land of superlative scenic beauty and after visiting this area of Majestic Mountain grandeur, one can feel and believe about the legend. At the beginning, the landscape is eroded and barren, later we arrive at the lush green Fairy Meadows with a marvelous view of the dominating Nanga Parbat 8125m at the stone throw distance. As we witness the awe-inspiring view of this mighty mountain we are spellbound with a feeling of a dream come true.
The imposing views of alpine greenery and the splendid sight of the Raikot Glacier presents a unique panorama of unparalleled scenic charm. We shall be fortunate to have superb view of the reflection of snowy Nanga Parbat in the moonlight.
Another interesting view of the North face appears to be a silhouette of a sleeping woman lying by the summit will be added to one of your pieasant memories for a lifetime. After completion of this trek we will proceed to Hunza valley, known as Shangri-La, the heaven on earth for Minapin trek.

Minapin, the Eden Garden on earth
The most scenic landscape of Minapin valley is just touching the Karakoram Highway. The Minapin Glacier is a wide, crevassed sheet of gleaming ice. Up the Southern side, thick forest of pine, spruce, juniper, willow and silver birch surround summer pastures, grassed by herds of goats and cattle and potato fields cultivated by the villagers.
Minapin, the starting point for the magnificent trek to the base camps of 7788m Rakaposhi and 7200m Diran peaks. In two days, you can trek up this green valley to Tagafari, one of the base camps of Rakaposhi. Pisan glaciers other point of interest is the ice harvest.

Proceeding to Tagafari we have a rewarding panoramic view of the gleaming jagged ridge adjoining Diran to Rakaposhi, north to Batura, Passu, Shishpar, Ultar Peaks and south to Rakaposhi and Diran peaks, Minapin Glacier and to the northeast stretching downward the Hunza Valley and KKH. Mostly the area is grassy meadow with flowers supplemented by glaciers and mountain panorama.


Day 01    Islamabad
Day 02    Drive to Swat, Murugzar Valley
Day 03    Hiking excursion to Hum Valley
Day 04    Drive to Chilas
Day 05    Drive and walk up to Fairy Meadow
Day 06    Free day for day excursions to Nanga Parbat Base Camp
Day 07    Drive to Minapin
Day 08-10    Trekking in Minapin Valley
Day 11    Drive to Karimabad
Day 12    Drive to Chilas
Day 13    Drive to Islamabad
Day 14    Onward