Wakhan Corridor Trek



Chitral to Hunza Along With Afghan Border

Bam-i-dunia the roof Of the world by Muslim geographer. Pamir Knot, where mountain ranges inert, the modern definition, Wakhan Corridor, a small piece of land which kept Russia and British India separated, the political reality of the Great Game.

The region which remained a mystery for Europeans for 150 years as was inhabited by war like tribes, Passes higher than 4500 meters, mighty mountains, lakes and glacier filled valleys will be your hosts.
Pamir Knot as they call it, where vertical high give way to undulating hells, where barren landscape changes to green pastures, starting from the central Hidukush you will walk across the Shah Jinali(4215 Mis.), Karumbar(4300), Chilinji(5200) passes to reach the other side of Karakoram. Your journey is marked with historical caravan traffic signs.


Series of passes, peaks, rippling lakes, meadows, domes of ice, hamlets like multicolored precious beads that arranged in beautiful patterns from Chitral to Hunza.It is a trip for those who are looking for the delights of natural scenery and serenity. It is a far-off place given the lineaments of a romantic land-replete with unheard of and unseen delights.

This is a long and demanding though beautiful journey parallels to Wakhen Corridor. The trek is full of enchanting land of vast upland steppes dotted with vivid turquoise lakes, meadows, rugged snow-covered mountains and breathtaking passes with superb views of gleaming glaciers. The population consists of a bizarre mixture of displaced Tadjik, Kirghiz, Wakhi and Uygar tribes with Mongolian features.

Sor Rich is the last destination of our jeep journey from Chitral, where the trekking begins. After three days of easy walking we climb to cross the Shah Jinali Pass (4260m) and drop down into the dramatic Yarkhun Valley, passing charming villages. The Shah Jinali Pass is a beautiful, area of rolling pastures covered in flowers in summer, the greenery is broken in places by snow drifts, small ponds and crystal clear streams all around is an amphitheater of icy-piece.

Karumbur and Chilinji Pass spectacular and demanding trek continues in the next days along the Yarkhon Valley, was a part of the celebrated Silk Road run parallel with Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. The Boroghil Pass, the easiest route from Central Asia to the Indian subcontinent, was an important trade route and line of invasion.

Crossing the 4188m Karumbur Pass, into the Karumber Valley, we enter the wildly spectacular northern ridge of Ishkoman valley. The marvelous Karumber Pass crowned by series of lakes and with a wonderful view is flat and marsh, with russet-colored pools. Karumber valley dividing the Karakorum from the Hindukush Mountainswidey and grassy. After crossing the snout of the Chattiboi Glacier, it then climbs up over the glacial Chillinji Pass (5290m) and crosses into Hunza and following the Chopursen Valley. Eventually, emerge on the KKH to the North of the Sost.An exciting, making a complete traverse of the Hindu Kush and Hindu Raj ranges, from Chitral to Hunza, along the WakhanCorredor. The trekking starts out on gentle paths along the Turikho Valley and gradually gains altitude and increases in difficulty, culminating in the crossing of the 5200-meter Chilinji Pass from Ishkoman to Hunza.


Day 01         Arrive in Islamabad
Day 02         Islamabad
Day 03         Drive to Chitral
Day 04         Chitral
Day 05-06   Drive to Sor Rich
Day 07-24   Trek over Shah Jinali, Karumber
                      and Chilinji passes to Chupurson in Hunza valley.
Day 25         Drive to Karimbabad
Day 26         Drive to Chilas
Day 27         Drive to Islamabad
Day 28         Islamabad
Day 29         Flight back

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