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In the northern region of Pakistan there is situated a largest glaciated area outside the Polar Regions, melting of ice in summer merge into roaring white water streams and mighty rivers. Watercourses of Kaghan, Swat, Hunza, Punial, Shigar, Braldo, Shiyok and mighty Indus have no rival to compete. The watercourses are not graded yet, so white water sports in the peak of summer are recommended only for professionals. However, in autumn or spring when water is low some activities can be arranged for immature.

NTP selected an exciting and thrilling expedition through the Roaring River Hushe, calm & flat Shyok River and the mighty Indus to give an ample glimpse in this sector by using modern and traditional transportation techniques. Rafting and kayaking where Indus is young on primitive and modem ways. Zakhs, made of inflated goat-skin.

The venture will start from Hushe, the last out post of Pakistan, gateway to central Karakoram Mountains beautifully located on a small hillock, surrounded by rocky peaks and pinnacles, with a majestic view of dominating Masherbrum. Hushe people still have the olden air of Balti culture.

At an hour walking from Hushe, the Masherbrum River meets with the River Hushe where the voyage will start. Glaciated mountains, rock face, snow-covered mountains, and terraced fields on both side of the river present a dramatic view. At Haldi, River Siachen, spout out from the longest glacier outside the poles falls into the Hushe River, with a memorable moment having seen an eye-catching beauty of 7823m Masherbrum in the backdrop. The journey from here enters into a river-deserted area where Shyok meet us near Youchung. At Kiris, once a tiny kingdom, the River Shyok drains into the Indus, The Lion-River’ but ‘Where the Indus Is Young’. A supporting vehicle will abreast of the tour.


Day 1      Islamabad
Day 2      Skardu
Day 3      Skardu
Day 4      Hushe
Day 5      Hushe
Day 6      Khaplu
Day 7      Khaplu
Day 8      Ghawari
Day 9      Goal
Day 10    Skardu
Day 11    Skardu
Day 12    Islamabad
Day 13    Islamabad
Day 14    Flight back

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