Pakistan, ‘the land of pure’ was created in 1947. She lies at the crossroads in the heart of Asia, bounded by Iran, Afghanistan, China, India and the Arabian Sea, Its physical and cultural diversity span the most fantastic saga of men’s indomitable urge to conquer nature. It offers one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world and kaleidoscope of cultures. Pakistan the home of ancient civilisations is a rival to those of Egypt and Mesopotamia. It is the land where the world’s two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism were born. Pakistan is situated on the land that has withstood countless invasions and has preserved the essence of its conquerors. Monuments and archaeological sites can be witnessed in the length and breadth of the country. Isobel Shaw aptly described “for thousands of years, this junction has been a melting pot of diverse cultures, attracting traders and adventurers, pilgrims and holy men.” Indeed Pakistan, The Oriental Wonder Land.

Pakistan has everything, which you can expect and even having beyond your imaginations. Hers scenic beauty and excitingly exotic grandeur is embellished with myriad historical and cultural diversity and adventurous landscape. Pakistan offers travel opportunities ranging from high mountaineering expeditions, trekking, archaeological sightseeing, preferred cultural and mystic experience, and white water surfing to special interest areas.

If you are an adventurer, the challenging peaks of the three greatest mountain ranges, Karakoram, Hindu Kush and Himalaya, restlessly waiting for you to scale. The area is replete with the world’s most breathtaking valleys, lakes, passes and glaciers. Pakistan boasts some of the best existing mountaineering and trekking opportunities.

For aesthetes, Pakistan has the charming variety of colors and imaginations. Pure scents and melody of nature, traditionally decorated trucks, the bright motley dresses, awe-inspiring valleys, glimmering glaciers and flowery meadows, sparkling lakes, white surfing streams and romantic deserts to stimulate aesthetic sense.

If you are interested in history and architecture, then believe in the Solomon’s words of Renowned British archaeologist, Sir Mortimer Wheeler on the cultural heritage of Pakistan, “no part of the world is richer in vestiges of a varied past than Pakistan.” She has a long history of 5000-years that stretches to Stone Age (Kot Diji) and spans numerous realms. Each has left its legacy; the great Indus Valley Civilization of Moenjodoro, Harapa; the sculptures of Gandhara; the magnificent Muslim tombs, palaces, mosques, shrines, forts; and the gothic monuments of British era.

If you have a striking flavor for ethnic diversity, you will come across daily with people of different languages and faces. Nowhere else in the world one can find so much variation clustered in Pakistan.

If you are going up with monotonous regularity you will be surprised to see the climatic diversity and ever changing cultures. Blending of four seasons will make travelling in 

Pakistan a continually fascinating experience. You have a free style life not bounded by too much formalities and time.

If you have thrust for love and spiritual satisfaction, straightly come here, you will find eternal love and peace. “Here the present is so simple and satisfying...and so full of peace and beauty-that one is more than willing to pretend nothing else ever existed or ever can exist. Each day I saw to feel more deeply content and inwardly stronger, as though the uncomplicated joy of traveling through these mountains were a form of nourishment.” Dervla Murphy, Where the Indus Is Young.

If you are an ecologist then Pakistan is the best choice where everyone paints a picture of stunning natural beauty. Pakistan has an almost unbelievable range of landscapes and environment; 5 mighty rivers, huge deserts of Chulistan and Thar, fertile plains of Indus, thick forests and snow-capped towering mountains of the North, barrens of Baluchistan and the golden beaches of Arabian sea. Pakistan supports a wide array of ecosystems.

If you are looking for human courage and determination just travel through KKH, ancient Silk Route; the masterpiece of modern civil engineering and victory of mankind over nature.

If you are art lover, Pakistan is the blend of art and crafts. For folklorists the country presents rich heritage of folklore, songs, melodies, dance, festivals, games and folktales.

If you are interested in religion and spiritualism then Pakistan is par excellence to study religion and get spiritual enlightenment. Pakistan had been the cradle of many ancient religions. Pakistan can rightly claim be a Land of Light, where even today devotees come from far and near to seek peace and enlightenment. The land of Pakistan has dozens of different religions and mythologies living together in mutual harmony and peace.

If you are stroller or idler then stroll in our lively cities reflecting many influences both traditional and modern. Lahore, the cultural heart of Pakistan; Peshawar, a city straight out of the Arabian Nights; Karachi, a huge and bustling port city and Islamabad, a garden capital present a warm and friendly environment.

For the sociologist and anthropologist, Pakistan has a sheer diversity of people, cultures and traditions. The country has a great combination of primitive landlocked like the

Kalash and tribal areas where still cases settle by tribesmen themselves and modern     social systems of metropolises of Karachi and Islamabad.


If you want to enjoy hospitality in real sense, the Pakistanis are eager to share their bread with bewitching smile even if they don’t have enough for themselves. “You must enjoy walking and being a stranger in a strange land. If so, you should come away from Pakistan not only with memories of a fantastic holidays, but also a profound admiration for the kind hearted and friendly people” (Pakistan Trekking Guide by Isobel Shaw).

Nature and culture has gifted Pakistan with an extraordinary tourism potential. Unfortunately, the international media projection of Pakistan has been negative. The ground realities are absolutely different as perfectly described by Dave Winter and Ivan Mannheim: 

“The media paints a bloody picture of violence, danger and fanaticism, but prepare yourself rather for a lesson in human warmth, generosity and hospitality. Despite the wild wary tribesman image and the current tragic situation in Karachi, Pakistan is still in many ways one of the safest countries in Asia in which to travel”. (Pakistan Handbook)

If you do not believe then let test the phrase “one eye-witness is better than ten hear¬says"

You might think this composition is a succession of images that combine to create a rich, fertile and beautiful world of fantasy but in reality it is more than painted here. Above all, it is a country full of surprises. Everyone can find what he or she is looking for in Pakistan and for once, nobody has got it wrong.

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