North Tigers

NORTH TIGERS, A Legendary Tourism Cycle runs by the  Zakhorpa family of Baltistan with a luminous tourism history tracing its origin back to three generations. Our strength lies in the centuries of diverse experience being gleaned by our professionals.

In the first epoch of this legendary cycle, our ancestors had the honor to serve as the tour organizer of the Baltistan royal family’s passages. In 1960 our father Ghulam Haider, established the first tavern in Khaplu as headway. As the continuity of the legacy, his sons Muhammad Hussain and Afzal Hussain are the torchbearers of this inherited profession. In this way it has become an inherited business and a heritage for the clan of Zakhorpa.

Perpetuating the legendary cycle in an organized sense, North Tiger Tours was established in 1995. It had been providing quality services to its limited clientele area of old friends and local diplomats till 1999. Diffusion of innovations like steam locomotives, Eco-tourism and maximum quality services’ provision has ranked it amongst the leading companies. In order to preserve the legendary code of Zakhorpa tourism we work hard to ensure our each client a happy client.

Our fellows of high caliber have manoeuvred successful expeditions, trekking, sightseeing and special interest tours all over the county. Ever increasing trust of our life time clients is an ample proof of our team’s ingenuity. Over the years, our company has developed an unmatched flexibility in tailoring and customising itineraries and programs to the needs and demands of the tourists. The company offers a full range of tours in adventure, culture, sports and special interest areas.

‘Personal Attention’ is our motto. You will feel a luscious family atmosphere with Zakhorpa Expeditions. A tour with NTP will give a lifetime experience that one would wish to retrace again and again.


Afzal Hussain Zakhorpa 


23rd years