Adventure Tourism

The country offers a diverse adventure tourism options. Pakistan has a unique landscape and varied geographical features. From the warm waters of Arabian sea to the lofty realm of snow covered mountains, the country fed by world’s longest glaciers outside the poles, rushing torrents, mighty rivers, captivating valleys, panoramic passes, lakes, high meadows to vast deserts give birth to many outdoor challenges. 

Zakhorpa continues to offer innovative adventure tours and holidays for the year 2010. Whatever your budget, age, fitness level and motivation we have something  extraordinary for you.  

Being natives ourselves we have inborn experience of the mountain areas to discuss, plan and organize your adventure holiday preferences. We have decades of experience in touring profession and capacity to organize any kind of adventure sport into those that take place in heaven, earth, and water. 

We organize a horseback ride to air safaris and give services from beaches to summits of mighty mountains. The ultimate goal is to help you find the adventure of a lifetime at reasonable pricing to suit your budget.

The stunning northern areas now some extend has developed into a popular adventure tourism location including mountaineering, trekking, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, jeep safaris, trophy hunting and water sports. Yet in Pakistan tourism culture still in its infancy stage. Irrespective of the annotations attached with the country by media, Pakistan is one of the safest and most beautiful tourism destination in the world. 

Trekking/Hiking is one of the fundamental and best outdoor option to see nature very closely. To reach overland by hiking to far remote places requires physical ability, knowledge and management which we could provide you professionally. We assist you from idea to completion of of your any outdoor recreational program.

Having a goal-directed tour with us mean you are supporting the ecology and natives as well. We have designed our tours in a way to give maximum enjoyments and comforts to our guest by using and involving local resources to give them incentives for sustainability.  

The adventure or extreme tourism is one of our company main specializations. The company  and most of the staff native to the Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Have outdoor activities in wilderness nature or within the modern civilization, and get  physical, social, and spiritual reward and pleasure and check how you can do. Let explore the natural beauty by having an escape from the tensions and pressures of  life you will be at ease by enjoying the stunning peace and tranquility of nature.  .

Some outdoor goal-directed activities we offer are: mountain climbing, trekking, cycling, safaris, hunting, water and snow sports and site seeing tours .

The magnificent Himalaya, Karakoram, Hindu Kush and Pamirs mountain ranges, rivers including the great Indus, Thar Cholistan deserts and Arabian Sea holds a tremendous fascination for the adventure and nature lovers. In Pakistan mountaineering, trekking, skiing, desert safaris, whitewater sports, trophy hunting, and biking are major attractions for the adventurers. Let trace others footprints or pluck the virginity of untouched exotic destinations by having an exploratory trip. 

Adventure loving enthusiast can experience nature at its most thrilling by its choosing a climbing expedition or high- level glacier trek in the mountainous and rugged terrain of Northern Pakistan  or taking an alpine moderate trek to the enchanting highland steppes enshrined meadows, lakes and pristine woods or you totally immerse yourself in the remote culture by engaging in such exciting day walk on village trails. Slip on the snow by conducting a skip tour or surf in the torrential rivers by white water sports or a cycling in legendry routs provides you a chance to experience encampments in close contact with the nature. The lure of the snow clad majestic mountains give birth to many adventure sports.

Under our Adventure plan the company organizes outdoor adventure activities of mountaineering, trekking, cycling, rafting & kayaking, Jeep and camel safaris, to adventure touring to suit all types of adventure enthusiasts for all ages and nature from backpackers to private charter groups. There are numerous glacial lakes that are famous for their scenic value, blue waters and trout fishing.  Let experience the adventure of a lifetime by our guided trips. 

In the following lines the adventure programs are classified by theme available in Pakistan.


expedition climbing and alpinism

Mountaineering is one of the most extreme adventure sport is the most popular tourist attraction in Pakistan. In Pakistan, popular locations for mountaineering and trekking include Baltistan, Hunza, Chitral, Astor and lower peaks of Himalayan foot.  

The Zakhorpa team have been presenting the magic of the mountains to  visitors for over 15 years. Being as natives to mountainous Baltistan region and real professionals we can claim that our experience and knowledge of the mountains and tour organizing skills are second to none. 

Wanderlust narrates "The Northern Areas are a wilderness featuring the biggest cluster of majestic mountains in the world and the biggest glaciers anywhere outside the polar region." While high mountain ranges of Himalaya, Karakoram, Hindukush and Pamirs dominate its North, series of low mountain ranges of  Suleiman, Pub, Kirthar and Mekran extend from North to Southwest bordering with Afghanistan. The compelling charms of rock and ice pinnacles allures the climbers, adventure seekers and nature lovers.

Out of the fourteen peaks above 8000 meters, Pakistan has five of them including K-2 (8611m), the second highest and the most challenging peak in the world. Pakistan houses more seven thousand-meter peaks than rest of the world combined. In an area of about 500 km in width and 350 km in depth, is found the densest collection of some of the highest and precipitous peaks in the world, boasting more than 700 peaks above 6000 meters and more than 160 peaks above 7000 meters. Some of these have been explored many times. Many peaks still remain unnamed and unclimbed.

The company offers three types of climbing themes; expedition climbing, rock climbing and alpinism  with three service options of customized expedition services (ground handling) for private groups and  for the first time full-fledged and fixed departure mountaineering tours/packages. The mountaineering programs are required a local handling company with trained  workforce and a great variety of provisions are needed. We provide guides, porters, pack animals, and  cooks.

Arranging an expedition to these mountains is a tiresome procedure. Zakhorpa Expeditions can coordinate at all levels of the expedition. We offer expedition services in China as well.

Expedition services

We give all the inclusive services for climbing expedition, from idea to completion. Having our services you can spare money and can fully concentrate on your mountaineering leaving all the tour hassles to us. 

You can spend more time making the most of your vacation and spend less time stressing about your trip 

We are handling ground arrangements to Pakistan for private mountaineering groups from around the world.  The base camps of mountains can take days or weeks and the climbing durations can extends to even months. therefore the mountaineers coming to Pakistan usually purchase their equipment and food at home, whereas most of such products are available in Pakistan at competitive prices. Heavy expenses are paid on their shipment. On arrival, the members have to run around for completion of numerous formalities.

As you must be aware of the fact that there are a number of formalities to be fulfilled before starting Mountaineering. It is just possible that you could do all the needful by yourself, but you can well understand that the time and money consumed in it could be utilized in a much more better way by leaving it to ourselves and starting your trip right-away. This is the best time saving and cost effective way. Apart from that it is worth while to mention that you have the option to choose from the services by us under the following options.

A. Full Board Services: We can take care of entire tour and quote you all-inclusive package based on program and conditions mutually agreed.

B. Partial Services: It enables you to organize and operate your expedition on your own with the help of expedition handling services. We shall levy service charges and all the actual expenses will be born by the expedition group.

Please feel free to ask the details of above options. Expedition Catalogue, offering 20 handling services and over 300 expedition products at competitive prices, our mail order system enables you to purchase and have tour equipment and food delivered at your hotel/base camp.

We hope that selecting of our company will prove one of your best connections in Pakistan and China, apart from the sweet memories of your Adventure Trip.

Fixed Departures: The company has been rendering full and partial mountaineering services since its inception is now offering full package expeditions to some selected peaks for the next year. This innovative packages will give a high flexibility in organization and budgeting. What you require is to fit yourself for the challenge leaving all the hassles to us. 

  • High level Mountain Climbing
  • Rock climbing

Alpine Style Climbing

Alpinism: In addition to the giant mountains Pakistan has numerous 6000m high peaks, many a times 10 or 20 standing shoulder to shoulder inviting an ideal alpinism. This type is a combination of trekking and climbing is ideal for determined trekkers with or without previous mountaineering experience. No permit is required for climbing these peaks. Beside high level mountaineering, Zakhorpa has selected a number of below 6000m peaks to give a taste of climbing, without any previous experience and technical difficulties.   Our Alpine Style Climbing programs are carefully planned to give exciting treks with climbing options.

Above all it all free of royalty fee. With two to three week programs you can scale one to three of such peaks having an experience of a day climb to summit from the base camp. 

We are listing below the group of such trekking peaks ideal for alpinism. The peaks selected for fixed departures have chosen for their respective importance of technicality, location and charms: Gondogoro Peak  (m ) in Karakoram, to Mazeno Peak (m) in Himalayas, and peak (m) from Hindukush rang. List of peaks. 

  • Gondogoro peak
  • Batura Peak
  • Rupal Peak


Having a trekking tour you can get lasting peace of mind and natural tranquility. The Himalayan, Hindukush and Karakoram foothills are just ideal for trekking, hiking and camping with multiple options for a Adventure holidays. Pakistan offers more than 80 trekking routes ranging from easy to strenuous grads. Trekking is one of the best adventure touring option to immerse into nature, exploring remote places, encountering the isolated cultures and getting close up to enchanting sceneries. We have chosen some best trekking routs for our fixed departures and leave the rest on your choice for customize itineraries. Our designed itineraries will take you to the remote trails of the Himalaya, mountain amphitheatres of Karakoram, wilderness of Hindukush, and pastures of Pamirs.  you will explore the isolated but welcoming mountain tribes in upper valleys of the Grande Ranges. Let trek to some of the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges with experienced mountain guides and crew. 

The Northern regions are famous for trekking/hiking as it has the world's most incredible natural scenery, a fascinating mixture of different ethnic populations, and some superb trekking and walking routes. The valleys of the greatest mountain ranges are connected with high passes and the upper stretches are filled with glaciers second to Polar regions. The Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral are the most popular destinations for trekkers, though the Swat, Kaghan, Kashmir and Murree has interesting trekking routes as well. The mountains have a strange fascination for its majesty and magnificence for the trekkers and lovers of nature.  For the trekker there are numerous options, from easy day-hikes to demanding high altitude treks.

The most popular trekking zones in Baltistan are Baltoro glacier, Biafo, Hushe, Kundos and Saltoro,  and in Hunza the most popular trekking routes are Batura, Shimshal, Hisper, Mina Pin, and many more. The Gilgit and Astor offers Mazeno pass, Rupal, and Raikot. in Ghizer area the Ishkoman, Yasin and  are best and in Chitral Karambar, Yurmito, Turikho, and Trich area offers some of the best trekking opportunities to the inexperienced as well as seasonal  trekkers. The lower Himalayan areas of Kaghan, Murree, Patraiata and Kashmir provide quite a large number of green trekking and walking routes for day and short break outs. 

Keeping in view of the current situation we have carefully designed treks to cater for nearly every age and fitness level to choose from strenuous, moderate and easy grads. Zakhorpa offers this year exceptional trekking holidays from the K-2 trek to the magnificent classic Biafo Hisper  trek in Karakoram; from the panoramic Nanga Parbat trek in Himalaya to historic trek of the Wakhan corridor in Hindukush region. We have enchanting valley treks to day hiking to meadows and lakes for trout fishing. Please contact us for more treks. Explore the peaks and passes in the Karakoram, Hindukush, Himalayas and Pamirs. 



For less ardous lets have a safari trip to explore the grandeurs of the remote and enchanting valleys of Karakoram. Hindukush and Himalayan ranges witnessing spectacular sites rarely found in the world. Experience the glorious views with blinding splendor over the passes. Experience the mountain cultures that have not been relinquished in the name of modernization and meet dozens of ethnic tribes. 

Next to the mountain panorama you can experience a jeep or camel safari to the golden desserts of the south for unforgettable impression. some of the tours are beautifully blended with 4WD and camel safaris or with day hiking.

Do steam locomotive safaris which rarely do you experience a phenomenon so unique, that leave you perceiving the world in an entirely different way or take an air safari for a captivating aerial view of the roof of the world or take a luxury safari for grand mountain panorama and experience the remote cultures and nature. This unique experience lasts a lifetime.

In the bustling city life you will find Northern Areas are always enveloped in quietness except the natural music.


Mountain biking practices over rocky paths and around boulder-strewn trails by special featured cycles of light weighted and stiff. Pakistan. You will need a great enthusiasm, Stamina,  and a mountain bike, all other will organize by ourselves. 

Cycling in the Karakoram, Hindukush and Himalayan regions is the best choice among the Pakistan adventure tour options. Biking through undulating territories of Gilgit-Baltistan, Swat, Kaghan Naran, and Chitral gives the perfect way to explore remote mountain villages, to encounter with isolated mountain tribes and experience the nature at its best.

We operated our first fully supported mountain bike expedition in 1997 in the three great mountain ranges up to Khanjrab pass (4600m), the highest border crossing in the world. Since than the company has been providing a great variety of cycling options from introductory to ultimate challenge biking.

Our cycling tours are fully supported by a back up vehicle and support squad. Rides usually consist of 25 to 100 kilometers per day which takes up to 7 hours including the refreshment and maintenance stops. Mountain biking tours mostly involve some of the remotest places of the world on sealed and unsealed routes up to  elevation of 4,693 meters. The hotel accommodations are supplemented with camping in the remote areas. 

Ecological and Wildlife

Zakhorpa specializes in expedition and vacation packages to take you in close to the most rare and unique habitats. Whether it be in National Park spotting the Marco polo Ship or snow leopard; or southern National Park to see the Rhino; in Indus getting up-close to blind Dolphins; or in Balochistan witnessing the impressive mountain goats, Zakhorpa takes you to some of the country's best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. During the decade, much of the mountain and desert area is protected by national parks, are becoming popular tourist destination, especially for wildlife safaris, hiking, fishing, and trophy hunting.

Pakistan supports a diverse eco-system from the marine species of Arabian Sea to wildlife living on the top of the food chain of the mountainous North. The company has been striving for a sustainable use of natural resources for over one decade. The company offer trophy hunting, wildlife safaris, bird watching tours in the scheduled national reserves and parks like Haleji lake, Lal Suhanra, Gol, Khanjrab and Deosai National Parks. 

 Let plan an extraordinary tour with Zakhorpa to discover the diverse ecosystem of Pakistan. You will experience exotic wildlife and plants species and also discover how the nature rewards the people in return. to have more and more eco-oriented activity let try an ecological trip with us.

White Water Sports

In the northern region of Pakistan there is situated a largest glaciated area outside the Polar Regions, melting of ice in summer merge into roaring white water streams and mighty rivers. Watercourses of Kaghan, Swat, Hunza, Punial, Shigar, Braldo, Shiyok, Jehlum, Chinab, Ravi and mighty Indus have no rival to compete. The watercourses are not graded yet, so white water sports in the peak of summer are recommended only for professionals. However, in autumn or spring when water is low some activities can be arranged for immature.


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