Cultural Experiences in Pakistan traces back to the pre stone age through layers of civilizations to the todays colourful traditions. Without culture to make the difference, every place should seem blandly the same. In this connection, Pakistan has inherited a rich treasure of architecture, fine arts, crafts and cultural traditions dating from pre-historic time. Being the home of oldest civilizations with a kaleidoscopic variety, racial stock and rich cultural heritage Pakistan is the best place to explore.

For centuries this part of the world has been attracted various human groups for different reasons. The invaders beheld it as a gold-mine to loot, the scholars were captivated by its mysticism and deep knowledge, the uninitiated saw it as a land of naked fakirs and snake charmers, while the others were simply spellbound by the pure beauty of nature and amazing variety of its flora and fauna. From time to time they all poured their share into this unique cultural pool. It turned this region into a colorful ethnic mosaic with diverse culture and lifestyle also reflects in the dozens of different regional languages.

Pakistan architecture has blossomed into a multi-petal flower. There is a great influence of the architecture of the Persians and Greece-Roman and Hindu periods, Buddhism and Islamic era, the colonial times and lastly the modern styles. The main cultural charisma in Pakistan are the ruined cities of Monjedoro, Harapa, sculptures of Gandhara, Moghul monuments and other living legends of shrines, religious monuments, forts, palaces, houses dotted the length and breadth of the country. Pakistan architecture in the ancient times and its evolution is clearly an area, which can be exposed to the world.

The immense variety of art and craft reflects the diversity of cultural traditions and history. Pakistani have deep love for beauty, which is manifested in the art and crafts made by their artistic hands. The feeling of form, design and color is best displayed in pottery, carpets, hand woven cloth, articles made of marble and carved wood, village toys and dolls, brass and silver-ware, jewelry, lampshades of camel skin, embroidered shawls and leather goods which have earned worldwide fame.

Pakistan is the hub of enormous cultures as it lies at the crossroad of civilizations and trade routes. The great Silk Route converted into Karakoram Highway, offers an incredible mountain journey which passes through the Northern region, one of the most beautiful pristine countryside with peerless mountain culture coupled with keeping up primitive culture like the Kalash. The grand trunk Road, the old overland route from India towards the north via Pakistan flashing by Lahore, once the most beautiful city of the mighty Moghul Empire, Texila, the seat of Gandhara, Peshawar, gateway to Central Asia with many legendary secrets and the historic inlet of Khyber Pass. All is blending the tradition and modernism.

In brief, the great combination of a magic land with mighty mountains, golden beaches, ancient civilizations, colorful culture, hospitable and relaxed lifestyle, teeming bazaars, endless variety of landscapes with rich flora and fauna, web of rivers and long glaciers after the polar regions. All these and even more than that a tourist wants to have, is all combined in Pakistan. This ‘Oriental Wonderland’ has rich variety of such exotic colors that one’s mind normally associates with the East. 

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