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Procedure & Pathway to NTP Accreditation

“NTP” is a accreditation/certification mark for products and services of tourism and travel. You can

  1. Apply for NTP certification online or via telephone, fax etc. we need certain information on the to-be-certified product or service in advance.
  2. You will be sent an application form which is the basis for a written certification contract.
  3. Optional: quality audit and consulting in advance of the certification to ensure a successful certification process.
  4. After acceptence of application you will be given self assessment form(s) according to your chosen product catagory
  5. Our experts will visit and inspect your product or service thoroughly and analyze the results based on your filled self assessment form(s).
  6. Upon successful certification you will get a notice of the result and the certificate together with a written report, printed advertising materials of the NTP Logo and the same in electronic form, so that you can use it for the following 1 year. You are required to place the logo at some prominent place on your website and printed materials and link it to a short report at www.nationaltourism.pk. via link or QR Code.

After this period you need to apply for certification renewal. Within this period NTP assessment teams will inspect your business/services quality standards 6 times in the year 3 scheduled and 3 mystery visits that check the reliability of your quality efforts and you will responsible to pay all expenses of the assessment i.e. traveling, residence & food.

Information we need to provide you and a detailed offer:

Basic information of the company

  • Field of work (Catagory Selection from NTP Product Classification.)
  • License Area (Provance of Working Area)
  • Company Name / Type of Company
  • Size of the company (number of employees/partners numbers, emails and location etc., voluntarily: approx turnover p.a.)

Documents in preparation for the certification:

  • Trade license (FBR, SECP or any concerned department)
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Certificate of good health issued by any duly licensed physician
  • Valid clearance from the related police station
  • Organizational chart of the management (can also be created during the consultation)
  • Certificate of First-Aid from recognized institution
  • All other certificates 


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