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Imtiaz Hussain

Imtiaz Hussain
  • Competition: Landscape of Pakistan
  • Submitted by: imtiaz hussain
  • Photographer: Imtiaz Hussain
  • Photo Location: Breathtaking Night View of Skardu City, Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan
  • Age: 22
  • Short Introduction: A spectacular night view holding stars and clouds together in the background.To capture the scene I had to wait for quite a long period of time and it took almost two months.At night,I used to observe the Skardu City frequently from Kharpocho Fort.I took pictures of night view of Skardu City having stars and sometimes with clouds.But I wanted to take night shot holding stars with clouds.One day I succeeded to captute that scene.I was all set and ready to go for night shooting at Kharpocho Fort to get the overview of Skardu.On the way to the fort,I encountered with one of the most enchanting scene of Skardu City......the shining stars,floating clouds and the huge snow covered Himalayas.So I decided to go for it.I set up my tripod,took the trigger and posed myself watching the beautiful moment and captured it.It was indeed a magical experience.