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National Tourism Pakistan (NTP)

National Tourism Pakistan is a corporate sector organization representing the interests of the tourism and hospitality industry across Pakistan. NTP was established to promote responsible tourism policies and practices nationally.

NTP uses policy-oriented research to design, evaluate and improve the social and environmental commitments of responsible tourism, promoting more sustainable practices in the travel industry.


NTP's objectives are to drive change by educating the industry and consumers alike on responsible travel behavior, exploring ways of making destinations more sustainable, debating key environmental issues impacted by tourism, and using NTP as a forum for encouraging the industry to drive responsible national tourism.



Initiatives of National Tourism Pakistan

  • Tourism Product Classification.
  • National Tourism Standards.
  • Center of Excellence for National Tourism.
  • National Tourism Awards
  • National Tourist Cards
  • Coordinating Research Projects.
  • Tourism e Publications.
  • Tourism Magazine (Coming Soon..)
  • Celebration of National Tourism Day
  • Tourism Seminars, and Conferences.
  • Leading Responsible Tourism Courses and Seminars.
  • Supporting Social Service and Conservation Projects Through National Youth League.


The Knowledge System of Pakistan's Collective Tourism Industry Includes

  • Tourism Resources,
  • Statistics,
  • Laws,
  • Developments
  • Federal Tourism Bodies
  • Provincial Tourism Departments
  • General Tourism Information's
  • Destinations
  • Attractions
  • Blogs (Urdu / English)
  • Booking System for Tours, Transport, Guides, and Residence.
  • Discussion Forums
  • National & Regional Festivals, etc.


National Tourism Pakistan enables travel product/service providers to become accredited, indicating that they have met the National Tourism Standards developed by NTP. NTP aims to raise tourism standards and provide a model for continuous improvement in best business practices.


NTP provides certificates related to tourism products for the benefit of providing orientation to our customers. These certificates ensure the quality of products used and provide insurance of the standard of services provided. The certificates are beneficial in building public relations and marketing the products.


Keeping in mind the growing market and competition in this field, a proper standard to judge the quality of management, products, and services is necessary nowadays. The NTP certification is a reliable way to ensure better promotion for your company securing your future in the National Tourism industry.


  • Good Business Management and Planning
  • Good Customer Service
  • Accuracy in Advertising
  • Compliance with Legislative Requirements
  • Appropriate Business Licensing
  • Sound Environmental Practices

This will result in improved customer service and satisfaction. Furthermore, NTP aims to address many of the issues covered in the development of any tourism business and, most importantly, a guide to tourists before their visit, when deciding on where to stay and what to do.



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